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Element - Slim and Tone Pilates DVD

10 Minute Solution

Element - Slim and Tone Pilates DVD


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Element - Slim and Tone Pilates DVD Description

Element - Slim and Tone Pilates DVD

Pilates is ideal for creating strong healthy bodies that are slim, flexible, and lean. Filmed on a beautiful location overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this dynamic workout includes both standard mat exercises and apparatus mat exercises. The apparatus exercises, which are usually done in a Pilates studio on a reformer, enhance the routine and give you a taste of the studio experience in your own home—without purchasing any expensive equipment. This specially designed combination of the two types of Pilates provides you with a very complete workout that will slim, tone, and firm your whole body.

About the Instructor: Kara Wily has taught the Pilates method for over 15 years. Formerly a professional dancer, Kara was trained as a teacher by Joseph Pilates’ own protégée, Romana Kryzanowska. Pilates changed Kara’s body and her life. She went on to direct the Pilates Program at the Performing Arts School in Vienna. Now, as owner of the Kara Wily Pilates Studio (www.karawilypilates.com ) in Los Angeles, her list of clientele includes famed actors, television personalities, models, and producers.




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